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1. Do you do more than just flags?

yes we do. We also provide custom screen printed. Please see our customized service page for more info.

We sell various styles of flagpoles and garden stand holders as well .You can find and purchase these on our official website.

2. Which flags do you sell?

We make, sell, and service flags of various sizes and fabrics including American flag, Gadsden Flag, thin line flag, Pride Flag, etc. We have flags for both indoor and outdoor display. We proudly sell flags manufactured by FLAGBURG.

3.How should I maintain my flag?

  • When buying, choose the corresponding material according to the purpose.
  • Taking down your flag before storms whenever possible.
  • Minimizing the flag's contact in rain, snow or unusually high winds will greatly improve its durability.
  • If damage occurs, the worn part should cut off and hem.
  • Do not fold or roll up wet flags.
  • A damp flag can mold and damage the fabric.
  • Pollutants in the air may enter the cloth and cause degradation.
  • Avoid the Long exposure to direct sunlight on your indoor flags.